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Solareum Labs specializes in developing applications on the Solana blockchain, with a dedicated focus on integrating blockchain technology into the daily lives of individuals.

$XSB Token

$XSB serves as the central SPL token for all of Solareum Labs' smart contracts. A portion of $XSB will be burned from the revenue generated by the applications.


Solareum Labs aims to create numerous smart contracts with the $XSB token at their core. The majority of profits generated from applications will be directed to the Vault, to be distributed among stakers who have placed their trust in us.


Farming 5M XSB

Farming XSB-SOL to share a pool of 5M XSB

December 19, 2023

Upcoming Plan

XSB roadmap

December 19, 2023

Solareum White Paper

A decentralized application system for the future generation

August 08, 2023