We are back. Previously, Solareum developed a wallet application for Solana. The electronic wallet market is fiercely competitive. Therefore, Solareum decided to change direction and become an application developer on Solana. Although the direction has changed, Solareum's initial goal remains the same. We want to be the bridge between users and decentralized applications. This transition is necessary for us to achieve our initial goals.

Solareum still holds the XSB token as the center of the ecosystem. No new XSB will be generated. If you are holding XSB, you can still use it in all the decentralized applications that Solareum will develop in the future. This is our gratitude to all of you who have accompanied Solareum during this time. Let’s dive into the changes of Solareum.

Blockchain applications are becoming increasingly popular in the current world and are expected to become more and more integrated into our daily lives in the future. Solareum Labs was established with the goal of bringing blockchain applications closer to the daily lives of everyone.

Solareum will have 4 main components:

  • XSB: SPL token, a certain amount of which will be burned from the revenue of the applications.
  • XSB_Vault: Sharing revenue from all Solareum Labs developed applications.
  • XSB_Refs: An affiliate system closely integrated with applications. Introduce friends to join us to receive unlimited rewards from the our decentralized applications.
  • XSB_Apps: Solareum plans to develop many smart contracts, in which the $XSB token is the center. The revenue of the applications will be burned, and the rest will be sent to the Vault to share with the stakers who trust in us.

XSB Token

  • Total supply: 975,000,000 XSB
  • Initial valued at 50,000 USD, all of them will be added on pools.
  • There are no more airdrop, user have to get XSB by interacting with XSB_Apps, or purchasing it on Dexes.


  • Allows users to stake XSB tokens and receive a share of the revenue from all XSB_Apps.
  • All revenue from all XSB_Apps projects will be transferred to XSB_Vault after each application cycle. This revenue will be shared with those who have staked XSB.
  • The calculation of the amount of bonus for each person will be based on 2 main factors: the amount of tokens deposited into the system, and the start time of the deposit, calculated according to the following formula.

The amount of interest received by the user

Y: YPD - Yield Per Day D: Number of days from the time the contract is created to the present time B: Total XSB tokens in the system, including revenue and the number of tokens deposited by users T: Total XSB deposited by the user

Y = (B - T) / T / D

eT: The total number of tokens that the user has deposited into the system eD: The total number of days that the user has staked eI: The total amount of interest that the user receives

eI = eT * eD * Y

  • After 24 hours from the time of deposit, users have the right to withdraw some or all of the deposited tokens.
  • If users deposit multiple times, the total tokens eT that the user has deposited will be calculated as usual, but the time when people deposit into the system will be averaged with the previous times. To accurately calculate the interest that the user will receive in the future.


Solareum knows that all developed applications will not be meaningful without users. Therefore, Solareum dedicates a portion of XSB_Apps’ revenue to share with those who have introduced friends to XSB_Apps. The XSB_Refs system will be closely linked to all Solareum’s applications. Introduce once, receive rewards forever.

XSB_Refs operates on a 3-layer model as follows.

When a user performs a transaction on XSB_Apps, they have the right to fill in the referrer, and the referrer will be stored on the blockchain, and the user cannot change the referrer in the future.

Define the layers of the referrer, in which UserA is the one who purchases the ticket.

  • Layer1: The person who introduced UserA
  • Layer2: The person who introduced the Layer1 person
  • Layer3: The person who introduced the Layer2 person

For each transaction performed, a total of 1.2% of the fee will be sent to the referrer, if any.

  • 0.7% for Layer1 referrer
  • 0.3% for Layer2 referrer
  • 0.2% for Layer3 referrer


  • Gigglr.xyz, the social platform build on Solana. It’s our main dApps. More to come.